Culinary Therapy

Cookery classes

Why is it that we have become a society that would rather spend 10 minutes on preparing dinner and several hours sitting in front of the TV or the computer screen?

Charmaine has a passionate and wholistic interest in food and cookery. Her food philosophy based on the belief that cooking and eating well:

  • Can significantly affect our physical and psychological well being for the better
  • Assist us to develop self-determination and empowerment
    (not knowing how to cook or to eat well leaves you vulnerable to the marketing prowess of the processed food industry)
  • Provide us with carnal and creative pleasure and enjoyment and make us feel good

Charmaine is an experienced and inspiring cookery teacher with an expertise in regional and contemporary Indian cookery; cooking with spices and healthy eating. The focus of all her classes is on encouraging participants to nourish themselves and their loved ones well and to accept that eating well does require some planning and effort but that it is one of life’s enduring and rewarding pleasures (and good health insurance to boot!).

Regular public cookery classes are held at CAE
Private cookery classes can be held in your home. Each class runs for three hours and culminates in a meal (lunch, dinner or a dinner party if you are game).
All classes include a spice kit and printed recipes.

Prices (including GST):

1-2 people: $140
3 people: $ 190
4 people: $250
For more information on private cookery classes please contact Charmaine.

Food Coaching

Charmaine also offers a food coaching service in which she works with clients on an individual basis to develop their own ‘eating well’ practice through coaching sessions.